Strengthening labour administration and inspection for the achievement of decent work

A well functioning labour administration and inspection system is an institutional prerequisite for the achievement of decent work and is a system that requires support, capacity building and advisory services.

In Paraguay the ILO supported the re-creation of the Ministry of Labour in 2013, as it had previously in Colombia. It also supported the strengthening of labour inspectorates in many countries of the region, including through the improvement of inspection planning and computer-based follow-up of cases in Costa Rica and the adoption of mechanisms for preventive inspection in Honduras.

In Peru labour inspectorate capacities were strengthened to tackle child labour, forced labour, human trafficking and OSH in the workplace, including in the informal economy.

In Mexico the sugar sector improved its working conditions, productivity and workers’ access to social dialogue. Some 14 enterprises in this sector have adopted a flexible salary system based on productivity and competencies, which recognizes the contribution of workers to the improvement of working conditions and productivity. A new inspection protocol for the sector was developed with the participation of workers, and has now been applied to 27 sugar mills, half of the total industry in the country.