A voice

Emerging from the ruins of Rana Plaza, Bangladesh

Minu Aktar was one of the victims of the Rana Plaza Collapse in Bangladesh in 2013 and miraculously survived.

Minu AktarShe had been working in Phantom Apparels on the fourth floor of Rana Plaza for four-and-a-half years. She still suffers from physical injuries sustained during the collapse, as well as ongoing trauma from being trapped under the building.

Six months on, however, Minu is starting to overcome her grief with the support of her family and through an ILO programme in partnership with BRAC, a major non-governmental organization, which is equipping survivors with the skills they need to get jobs in local workplaces.

As a result, Minu is now working in a tailor’s shop in Savar, mentored by an ILO/BRAC supervisor and master craftsperson.

Seeing my family, having a job – I finally feel like I am alive again.