In this map you will be able to see the Country Programme Objectives and indicators under which the ILO has reported results in 2012-2013.


Improved access to more effective employment services, including labour market information and analysis

Employment Promotion | ARAB STATES | Lebanon

Rights at work protected for domestic workers through the development and enforcement of legislative and policy framework in line with ILS

ARAB STATES | Social Protection | Lebanon

Effective mechanisms are put in place for improved monitoring of child labour, with special attention to its worst forms

Rights | ARAB STATES | Lebanon

Strengthened national capacities to ensure adequate and sustainable social security benefits and to extend social security coverage

ARAB STATES | Social Protection | Lebanon

Strengthened institutional capacity of workers' organizations

ARAB STATES | Social Dialogue | Lebanon

Strengthened capacity of member States to ratify and apply international labour standards and to fulfil their reporting obligations

Rights | ARAB STATES | Lebanon