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South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC)

In March 2012 the ILO adopted a strategy document entitled “South-South and triangular cooperation: The way forward”, reaffirming that South-South and triangular cooperation is paramount to the mainstreaming of the Decent Work Agenda.

This type of cooperation makes it possible to draw on the experience and knowledge of its constituents, while developing capacities and sharing good practices. South-South and triangular cooperation is also a means of mobilizing resources.

SSTC can only work if the principles of solidarity and non-conditionality are respected. In 2012-2013 the results of ILO’s work in SSTC include, for instance: 

  • Drafting and adopting agreements, declarations of intent and joint declarations and partnerships by: the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP – Mozambique, 2013); the Portuguese Speaking Workers’ and Employers’ Organizations (Brasilia, 2013); China, IBSA countries (2012); Panama and the Brazilian Government to support follow-up to the III Global Conference on Combating Child Labour.
  • Taking part in the organization of Global South-South Development Expos in Vienna (2012) and Nairobi (2013), which focused on energy and climate change, and green jobs. At these expos, the ILO hosted Solution Forums on green jobs, skills development, social protection and the promotion of workers’ rights in the field of renewable energy and climate change.
  • A good practices compilation on SSTC targeted at governments, workers, employers, and civil society to showcase initiatives based on southern solutions that have proven effective in promoting decent work. A similar exercise was conducted for Portuguese-speaking countries (CPLP).

“Innovations in Public Employment Programmes and Sustainable Inclusive Growth” (March 2012)

IBSA International Conference on South-South Cooperation

The IBSA (India, Brazil and South Africa) trilateral development initiative has been a major driver of South-South Cooperation and exchanges. The first IBSA Conference on South-South Cooperation was held in New Delhi, India in March 2012 and hosted by the Government of India with the support of the ILO. This was the first IBSA conference of labour ministers, and it was an opportunity to share experience and solutions for common challenges in public employment programmes. It stressed the need to strengthen collaboration with the ILO for the promotion of SSTC to effectively implement the Decent Work Agenda.